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Imagine you're digging through an old box full off stuff from your childhood in the attic, when you suddenly come across a game you have never seen before. You open the box, blow the dust off the cart and put it in your DMG. This is Astral Panic.

In Astral Panic, you're put in the shoes of a former combat racing pilot called Kennedy. Three years ago you got badly injured in a hover bike accident which ended your combat racing career. Since you retired from the racing tracks, you’ve been working with high orbit deliveries between Earth’s space stations.

One hour ago, you got a garbled message from your girlfriend, Dana, calling for help. Her space station appears to be under attack, but your superiors refuse to call for help, since an official mayday hasn’t arrived. Without access to a fighter spaceship, you pull your old modified hoverbike from under the tarp and jump into the void, heading towards Dana’s station.

In Astral Panic, you compete for points, seeing how far you can go to compare scores with your friends.

- Colour filters
- Progressive difficulty
- Accurate rendering and era-appropriate resolution and techniques for maximum consistency
- Over seven enemies (so far)
- Joystick, mouse, keyboard and touch support
- Hardware-accurate sound and music (by Marlon Kroth)


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Astral Panic.deb 808 bytes
Astral Panic.zip 3 MB

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